Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ben Franklin, how you loved the ladies.

I'm very pleased with the progress I've been making on Solar the past couple days. Of course, that hasn't been reflected in blog form, but I consider this blog to be possibly the last stop on the train of importance regarding this project, so take it as you will. If people were clamoring to see scans on the random shreds of paper I write the story on, or to see more poorly-photographed images on unfinished pages, I'd oblige, but it hasn't happened yet.

I'm thinking of bringing a co-writer onto this project. My first thoughts were of my sister, but I don't think she would dig writing this story too much. I'm sure she'll like reading it, but not writing it. It's just a sad fact that when you're writing, drawing, inking, and post-production-ing an entire graphic novel by yourself, things don't get done very quickly. Especially considering that I'm making it a personal mission to leave my work as 'pure' as possible, in that I won't be correcting or adding any elements with photoshop that I can draw by myself. Color or texture is another story, but I'm not taking any shortcuts.

I could go on a small rant about computers and comic books, but I won't. All that I'll say is computers will be a very important and positive element comics in the future. The key words being 'will be.' I think comic books and computers are still getting through the finer points of their initial foreplay, and it's going about as well as a virgin's prom night. Some artists whom I greatly admired in the past who have gone the way of photoshop and wacom tablets seem to actually be unlearning how to draw. I feel that alot of artists still need to come to terms with the fact that art on the computer is not a realm of 'can I do this?' but 'should I do this?'.

Anyway, back to the grind I go. Take care,


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